Is your Thanksgiving dinner good for your dog or cat?

Lets face it we all love our pets otherwise they wouldn’t be a part of our family and at Thanksgiving it’s hard not to give in to those soulfull eyes asking to please give me some of what your having it smells soooo good.
So whats a pet parent supposed to do? A few ideas:
1. Let them in the backyard to have some playtime.
2. Put them in another room with thier own dinner while you eat.
3. If they are crate trained place them in their crate with food or toys to keep them busy. Remember a crate is not for punishment its thier own special place, so always make it pleasant.

If you must give your pets some of your Thanksgiving dinner stick to just the white meat in small amounts.
AVOID the dark meat and skin it has more fat and may upset your pets digestive system.
NEVER give your pets cooked bones they can splinter.

But most of all enjoy Thanksgiving with your best friends!

                Kristinne’s Critter Kare

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