National Pet Sitters Week

Back in 1981, when I started petsitting it was unheard of. We didn’t even know if it would be a viable job let alone a source of income. Little did we know with patience, persistance and several years later petsitting is a job. A job that while it can be fun because we are enjoying all the different pets that people own, it can come crashing down around you when you walk in and find a dog with bloat or a cat who has jumped down off a table or couch the wrong way and is hurt.
People have found the petsitters can be an important part of their lives. Top 10 reasons that people hire petsitters are:
1. Your pet has separation anxiety – we come in and help relieve the boredom. Remember a tired pet has less of a chance of getting in trouble when you’re gone.
2. You work long hours and need someone to come over exercise and let your pooch take a potty break.
3. Your pet needs meds while you are at work. We can do it.
4. You need to get your pet to the vet, groomer or somewhere where you can’t get to because you are unavailable.
5. You are ill or injured and you can’t get them out for a walk or are pregnant and can’t clean your cats litter box. We can.
6. While you go away on vacation.
7. By using a petsitter they can stay in their own familiar environment.
8. Pets can have individual attention as we all know pets crave attention.
9. Getting married? Want your pet in the wedding? We can help you.
10. But most of all we are there to give you peace of mind when you are at work or away on vacation.
Kistinnes Critter Kare

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