7 Tips to keep your pets safe and happy for Easter

Easter has always been a fun Holiday for kids and with that comes responsibility if you have a pet. Why you ask – well there is candy and Easter egg hunts, flowers and toys that aren’t all that safe, for dogs especially. Some dogs think that the whole world is theirs. Mine is one of them!

Here are 5 tips to keep your cat or dog safe while still enjoying Easter.
1. Plastic eggs- While we try and change some things like plastic eggs for real eggs with treasures inside, it still can be dangerous. The plastic or even the treasures within my have small pieces that could obstruct their airway or even block their intestines.
2. Hard boiled eggs – while hard boiled are eggs are not bad for dogs, they do spoil quickly so please be sure that all of the eggs are accounted for. You don’t want your dog to find them otherwise you might end up with a dog that is quite sick.
3. Easter grass for baskets – Cats are attracted to the “grass” that comes in Easter baskets. While it may look cute and fun to watch them play with it, please don’t. If they ingest it could be lethal. They can not digest it and it could lead to the threads of the grass getting stuck and possibly damage their intestines. Tip: Use colorful tissue paper
4. Easter Lilies- VERY TOXIC TO CATS. While lies are gorgeous, but that’s where it ends. If your cat eats ant part of the plant he could possibly die from kidney failure. Tip: if your cat has ingested any please get them to the vet immediately.
Signs to look for:
Vomiting pieces of the plant
Loss of appetite
Increased urination followed by a lack of urination after 1-2 days
5. People food- Never good for your pets
now that doesn’t make for a Happy Easter!
6. Chocolate or other candy
7. Easter toys- Those small toys that are cute for your kids in their baskets can be attractive to your pet but can quickly become a choking hazard to your pet.
Hopefully these ideas will help let you have a very Happy, Healthy and Safe Easter!!!

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