Tips On Finding A Lost Pet

Today in Glendora a fire got started by someone having a illegal campfire and all it took was a spark from a piece of paper that blew away. In a flash we have an out of control fire with people and pets trying to escape. For the lucky pets their owners were able to take them with them but for some they were left behind. They have to try to keep themselves safe and may get lost in the process.Here are a few tips to help find your lost pet whether behind a fire or just got out because things happen.
1. Check all the shelters not just the one in your area, take a flyer down so they can put it in their book. Also visit the shelters daily.
2. Create the flyer with and put up everywhere you can. Be sure to put your pets photo, brief description and don’t forget your phone number. If you can afford offer a reward.
3. Put these flyers everywhere you can telephone poles, vet offices, dog parks, doggy day cares, groomers.
4. Talk to everyone you can. That means neighbors, the mailman, kids.
5. If your pet is micro-chipped check the company who the chip is with.
6. If it is an indoor cat that got out place some food and litter box outside where she can smell her own scent. This may help her know this is her home. (Don’t clean it out first)
I hope this helps.
Kristinnes Critter Kare

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