How To Help Your Dog be More Comfortable Around Fireworks

Lets face it most, dogs are terribly afraid of fireworks. The loud noises send them into a panic, then the flashing lights and the smell of sulphur can send them into a tailspin since their senses are so much keener then our own. They shake, whimper, and try to hide. We as dog parents wonder what can we do to help soothe them, to let them know all is going to be ok. Here are 5 tips that you can try to help them out.

1.  Try getting a Thunder shirt or a tight kids t-shirt. (by being tight it helps them feel secure and comforted).                    

Please don’t use fireworks around us

2.  Try putting on a sound machine with white  noise or rain water – these have been known to be soothing.

3.   Combine a sound machine or tv/stereo and putting them in a quiet room with a light on far as possible from the fireworks.

4.  Dampen the noise by closing the curtains.

Our pets can feel our anxiety so please remain calm, happy and upbeat so you don’t transfer your anxiety to them.  I f you’re not planning on going out  keep an eye on your pet and stay with them. You will both love each others company!


1.    Barking a lot  

2.   Running away  

3.   Soiling the house

4.   Hiding     

5.   Cowering

6.   Clinging to owner 

7.   Whimpering 

8. Trembling

If these signs continue over a course of a few days you may want to take your dog to see the vet to have a check up.


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